Got Bad Tenants?

Got bad tenants? You purchased the rental as a source of additional income, to build some free equity… to invest in the future. But bad tenants ruin all of that. They can decrease the value of the property (by destroying it) and make paying the mortgage a real challenge (by paying late). It sounded like … Continued

Adding a Wood Stove?

Want to add a wood stove to your house? Who could blame you! Nothing is cozier than keeping a fire burning inside a home. BUT… It’s not all dry wood and cozy cuddles. Here are a few things to consider BEFORE putting a wood stove in your home… Wood Supply — To use a wood … Continued

Need to relocate for work?

Need to relocate for a job? Then it’s probably a good idea to do some negotiating with your new employer to make the process as seamless and affordable as possible. After all, they want to hire you… so they should be willing to help you move. Here are things to consider negotiating… Full-Service Moving — … Continued